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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Step at a Time

Have you ever had a strong feeling you were in God's will? It's difficult to explain, but it's a deep understanding you are a part of something good, something purposeful.

We've been Christians long enough to know how feelings can be far from accurate, but there's an unspeakable peace we have that lets us know we are doing what we've been created to do.

Stepping out into the unknown is both scary and exciting. It's not something we do lightly, or without much prayer and seeking of the Lord. We've tried to ignore His still small voice, pretending we didn't hear it, denying we both heard Him at all...when we did. We've procrastinated and deliberated, each time coming up with the very same conclusion.

He is asking us to peer over this amazingly high ledge and take a step of faith.

Each move we take together, His presence is there, wrapped in an unspeakable peace. We desire to encourage families through His Word, not because we have all the answers, but because when He asked, we said, "Yes!"

For those of you who know me from my blog Blessed, and have enjoyed laughing along with our family over the years, are you in for an amazing treat. My husband is the funnier half of me. I do hope you'll follow along and see what I'm talking about.

God knows our hearts and knows we desire what He desires - to see lives changed from the inside out.

This has been a year of open doors for us. As He continues to swing this next door open wide, we plan on walking through it together.

We hope you'll join us.

Lord, you will give us peace: for all our works are the outcome of your purpose. Isaiah 26:12